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Trucking Collisions

Experienced Truck and Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawyers

Iowa sits as the intersection between two of the nations major interstate highways, Interstate 80 and Interstate 35. Every single day, thousands of semi trucks and other large commercial vehicles crisscross the state on these Interstate highways and other roadways. When the professional driver of a semi truck is negligent or carelss and causes a collision, catastrophic injuries or death to innocent motorists are often the result. Negligent truck drivers put everyone on the road at risk. According to the Iowa Department of Transportation, about 50 serious tractor-trailer accidents cause death or major injury every year in the state — this is far too many.

Semi Tractor-Trailer Crashes are Different – Experience and Expertise Matter

The legal weight for a semi truck and trailer is 80,000 pounds (without a special overweight permit), compared to the average weight of a car at 5,000 pounds. A semi truck requires 40 percent greater distance than a car to stop. Drivers of semis are professionals and require special training an skill to safely operate these massive trucks on our roadways because the consequences of 40 ton truck colliding with a car or passenger vehicle can be devastating. How companies screen, hire and train drivers is critical to safety. The dynamics of semi truck crashes, the specific state and federal laws/regulations, the unique crash data/electronic recording devices, the industry standards, the complex legal relationships between drivers, trucking companies and other shipping entities all set cases involving semi truck collisions apart from other motor vehicle collisions.


Galligan Law has the specialized knowledge, resources, and expertise to ensure full justice is achieved for our clients when they’ve been injured on had a loved one killed as a result of trucker negligence. Our personal injury attorneys are intimately familiar with and keep up to date on state and federal laws and regulations relating to the trucking industry. We also have access to the best experts in crash investigation and reconstruction, as well as top experts on trucking industry standards and training requirements. We will quickly deploy all necessary resources to properly investigate your case and preserve crucial evidence necessary to win at trial.


Our investigation of your trucking collision case is free. If we don’t take your case or if we don’t obtain a successful recovery for you, we don’t charge you a fee for our professional services or ask you to pay back costs we’ve incurred. You will only be charged if there is a successful outcome in your case and a financial recovery on your behalf.


If you’ve been injured or had a loved one killed by a negligent or careless truck driver, contact Galligan Law today and schedule your free initial consultation with one of our experienced Iowa personal injury attorneys.

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