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Iowa COVID-19 Civil Immunity for Nursing Homes & Providers

How the Iowa COVID-19 Civil Immunity Legislation Affects Medical Malpractice and Nursing Home Abuse Cases For the purposes of this article, any mention of “immunity” will refer to civil immunity granted by the state and not immunity to the disease COVID-19. Furthermore, our discussion refers to the legal liability immunity granted to medical providers against medical malpractice lawsuits related to patients with the novel coronavirus. In recent months, certain states such as Pennsylvania have passed executive orders and temporary laws that protect medical providers from lawsuits when treating patients who have contracted COVID-19. Iowa as well as Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, and Utah...

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How Personal Injury Lawsuits Protect Your Rights

Meet with a Des Moines personal injury lawyer.

Human beings have inherent rights, just by existing. Some of them include worker’s rights, rights to physical and mental well-being, and social protection. These rights help people every day work at a safe job, earn a living, and live safely during retirement. However, what happens when these rights are violated by a third party? And how can you further protect your rights? Inevitably, personal injuries will be sustained. But, you don’t have to recover from those injuries by yourself. You have the right to seek compensation for injuries sustained at the fault of another. Keep in mind that there are many essential...

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Common Injuries from Outdoor Activities in The Summer

How to avoid summertime injuries from Galligan Law in Des Moines, Iowa

Summer is an exciting time for most people. Kids are off from school and families spend their time traveling and participating in outdoor activities. However, with more activities, comes a higher risk of summertime accidents that cause minor to severe summer injuries. Depending on the circumstances around your accident, another party may be liable. Typically these kinds of accidents result in premises liability cases. In order to help you have a safe summer, we’ve gathered a list of common summer injuries and how to avoid them. In addition, here we will share what to do if you are injured and when...

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5 Things to Avoid in A Personal Injury Case

The success of a personal injury law case depends on several factors. No matter how you look at a personal injury case, the proceedings can be a long and drawn-out affair. It is possible to win these cases and get compensation, however, there are some key mistakes that can reduce the total amount of damages you are awarded. In order to help you prepare a successful personal injury lawsuit, here are five things that can cause you to lose compensation in a personal injury case that you should avoid. This list includes: waiting, organizing your case alone, accepting the first insurance...

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10 Facts About Prescription Drug Lawsuits

Prescription drug lawsuits are long and complicated cases. Getting help from an experienced personal injury lawyer will help you prepare for the complexities of your case.

One difficult part of personal injury law is winning compensation from dangerous prescription drug lawsuits. Typically, these lawsuits fall under product liability laws. These cases are challenging due to the sheer amount of resources that pharmaceutical companies have to defend themselves with. Bad drug lawsuits are also very complicated due to distribution chains, drug regulations, and previous case rulings. This can make it hard for the plaintiff to sue the right party.  Working with a trained and experienced product liability attorney will help you build an effective case against big pharmacy companies. If you are considering taking action against a pharmaceutical...

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Discover the Importance of Keeping an Injury Journal

How do courts determine how much you can win in a lawsuit? Some of the damages are easy to calculate. Presenting bills and pay stubs to the court gives evidence of how much you’re due to correct those problems. But what about the less-tangible things like pain and suffering? Part of your lawyer’s job is to sway the court to give you the money you deserve, but if you create an injury journal you can make it much easier and make it far more likely you’ll get a bigger payout. Here’s what you need to know. What is an injury journal? An injury journal is a record...

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Grain Bin Accidents

The sight of growing corn and grain bins are common if you go driving in the countryside of Iowa. What you might not know is that those grain bins are dangerous places to work. Workers have to take plenty of precautions before using them. Why are they so dangerous?   Flowing Grain Flowing grain traps around 30-40 people a year, but it’s likely that the number of accidents is underreported. It is estimated that about half of those entrapments are fatal. Entrapment most often happens when the grain is emptied. It’s much like being in an avalanche. Once the snow settles it compacts...

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Psychological Care After Death or Injury

psychological care after death in Des Moines Ohio from Galligan Law

When you’ve been in a car accident, it’s natural to be a little nervous for a while when you go driving again. But for some people, that nervousness never goes away or gets worse. Every car that pulls out into the street could feel like they’re aiming for them. Their stress level rises and affects their quality of life. In extreme cases, it could keep them from driving completely. Psychological care after death or injury can help victims after a tragedy. After you’ve undergone a traumatic incident, it can leave scars on both the body and the mind. Most injury accidents...

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What Does “Pain and Suffering” Mean?

What Does "Pain and Suffering" Mean After An Injury? Galligan Law in Des Moines, Iowa can help you navigate this.

Personal Injury Compensation is More Than a Medical Bill The idea behind compensation in personal injury cases is that the money makes the injured person “whole” again. For objective costs, this is easy to calculate. Your repair bills and medical expenses can be presented in black and white to an insurance company or jury. But the stress from an injury adds a physical and mental toll that can’t be calculated by bills. This is a subjective form of damage that also needs compensation. The legal term “pain and suffering” covers this personal part of what you deserve. In a minor case, pain...

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