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Medical Malpractice

What You Need to Know About Iowa Birth Injuries

A mother with her new born baby. Call Galligan Law for help with a birth injury

As personal injury attorneys at Galligan Law, we have seen many types of cases where people have suffered wrongly due to the negligence of another. We most often deal with medical malpractice cases. Medical malpractice and Iowa birth injuries cases can be hard to prove and win despite the pain and suffering caused to their victims. In our Des Moines, Iowa practice we have helped victims of many types of medical malpractice injuries. You may even be familiar with some of these types of injuries, such as nursing home abuse, dangerous pharmaceutical drugs, and faulty medical devices. However, birth injuries are...

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Iowa COVID-19 Civil Immunity for Nursing Homes & Providers

How the Iowa COVID-19 Civil Immunity Legislation Affects Medical Malpractice and Nursing Home Abuse Cases For the purposes of this article, any mention of “immunity” will refer to civil immunity granted by the state and not immunity to the disease COVID-19. Furthermore, our discussion refers to the legal liability immunity granted to medical providers against medical malpractice lawsuits related to patients with the novel coronavirus. In recent months, certain states such as Pennsylvania have passed executive orders and temporary laws that protect medical providers from lawsuits when treating patients who have contracted COVID-19. Iowa as well as Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, and Utah...

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A Guide to Iowa Medical Malpractice Laws

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At Galligan Law, we tackle a high volume of Iowa medical malpractice cases. These cases are complicated, varied, and important. Medical malpractice cases are hard to win, especially in the state of Iowa. There are many hoops for medical injury victims to jump through, and pursuing a case is typically expensive. As a branch of personal injury law, medical malpractice law is a subset of tort law. What is Medical Malpractice Law? In order to determine if you have a successful case, you need to have an accurate definition of medical malpractice law. First, it is a branch or tort law, or...

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Why Medical Records Are Important In Personal Injury Law

A client reviewing their medical records with a personal injury attorney.

Medical records are essential in personal injury law for many reasons. When it comes to building a successful personal injury claim, you must have evidence not only of the injury but also that it was caused by another party’s negligence. After experiencing an injury, one of the first things you should do is see a medical provider to begin creating and gathering medical records. This goes for injuries caused by accidents, to overuse injuries from work. However, gathering your medical records will require work. Learn more about medical records and how working with a lawyer will help you build a successful case.  Let’s...

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Elderly Recovery After Surgery – How Long Does it Take?

When something’s seriously wrong with your body, you may need surgery. Depending on how severe the condition is, you could get either major or minor surgery. There are many kinds of minor surgeries. Some are performed as outpatient procedures, and some can be performed in surgical offices. Usually, patients recover quickly from minor surgeries. However, if you have frailty, overlapping medical conditions, or are elderly recovery after surgery can be difficult. Seniors are the most susceptible to frailty. The condition, as defined by surgeon Dr. Ronnie Rosenthal of the Yale School of Medicine, is “an accumulation of problems that leave the...

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Malpractice Liability for Anesthesia Errors

Anesthesiologist holding a syringe

Many surgeries require patients to go under anesthesia. Anesthetics reduce and prevent pain during surgery. Because anesthesia is a risky part of any surgery, an anesthesiologist is required to administer the medication and monitor the effect on the patient. Before any medical procedure requiring anesthesia begins, a specialist will review the patient’s medical record. They must also review the patient's history, prior medications, and allergies. Finally, they have to review the time requirements of the operation in order to determine the best dose of anesthesia.  Three Main Types of Anesthesia General anesthesia is a combination of medications that put you in...

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World Reaction to Hernia Meshes

Medical device cases can end up causing world-wide legal trouble for companies. That’s what’s been happening with surgical meshes for hernia cases. Hundreds of thousands of victims had these meshes implanted to solve a variety of problems like prolapse and incontinence. However, these meshes are causing more problems than they solve. Further injury, pain, and even infection have been reported. New Zealand So how has the world responded to this? Let’s start with New Zealand. They have completely banned the use of surgical mesh for all uses since January of this year. Regulators took action after they reviewed data from Australia about...

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Avoiding a Bad Nursing Home

Galligan Law - Avoiding a Bad Nursing Home

With all the worries about elder abuse and negligence in nursing homes, it’s natural to worry about which homes might be best for your loved one. It’s important to know that not all nursing homes are horror stories waiting to happen. There are many fine facilities providing excellent care. But you need to know what to look for. Here are a few tips that can steer you away from a bad nursing home. Medicare Star Ratings Any nursing home that accepts Medicare or Medicaid has to submit to inspections by the government. From these inspections, each nursing home is given a star...

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What You Need to Know About Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries are devastating, often severely impacting a person for the rest of their life and requiring massive amounts of medical care and support to maintain a reasonable quality of life. Cases involving spinal cord injuries are complex and require a skilled and experienced attorney who understands how to build your case and prove the full impact of your injury so that full justice through compensation is realized. Types of spinal cord injuries Spinal cord injuries are classified by two components. The first is where the injury occurred in the spinal cord.  As a general guideline, nerve function below where the...

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Medical Mesh Lawsuits

medical mesh

Medical mesh implants can be used to treat a few conditions, both in men and in women. One type of mesh is used to treat hernias, with surgeons relying on mesh to help keep hernias from recurring and to help reduce surgery time. Over 90% of groin hernias utilize surgical mesh to repair the condition. Women who have a condition known as pelvic organ prolapse, a complication of pregnancy and stress urinary incontinence, vaginal mesh may be used to treat these conditions. In 10% of patients, the women who have received these mesh implants have had intense pain and some have...

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