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Do Traffic Cameras Reduce Crashes?

do cameras reduce crashes in Des Moines, Iowa

The legality and effectiveness of traffic cameras is an ongoing issue debated nationwide. The Des Moines Register compared crash data from the previous six years to the present day to see if there was enough data to determine whether or not traffic cameras are making roads safer. We’re going to break down both sides of the argument. Galligan Law in Des Moines will help you learn how to challenge an automatic traffic ticket if you get one. Do traffic cameras reduce crashes? Safety - Do Traffic Cameras Reduce Crashes? The primary benefit of traffic cameras is for public safety. Proponents believe that...

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Does Your Doctor’s Age Matter?

doctor's age - Medical Malpractice in Des Moines, Iowa

When choosing a physician, do you look for an experienced doctor with years of practice under their belt? Or, do you look for degrees, certifications, or awards? Older doctors bring years of clinical experience to the table, but there are also downsides for aging physicians. Learn how your doctor's age affects your medical care. Should Age Matter? Researchers at Harvard University published a paper last year. This paper showed patients being taken care of by younger doctors were less likely to die. Physicians with less experience were also less likely to order unnecessary tests in both men and women. For example, overall,...

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Nearly One in Five Iowa Patients Experience Medical Errors

medical errors

A new poll, organized by the Heartland Health Research Institute of Clive, Iowa, confirms that nearly one in five Iowans claim to have personally experienced medical errors including surgical mistakes, misdiagnosis, or incorrect medications. Hospitals were voted as the most frequent site for medical errors (about 59 percent), while 30 percent of errors occurred in the doctor’s office or clinic, four percent in nursing homes, and seven percent at other locations. Of the one in five Iowa adults who experienced medical errors, 60 percent of patients were not informed by medical staff members. Other survey findings: Sixty percent of those who experienced...

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