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Author: Galligan Law

The Difference Between Liability for Semi-Truck and Car Accidents

Automobile accidents are never ideal, but an accident with a semi-truck can be disastrous and life-changing. Aside from the sheer size differences between a truck and a car, additional issues can come into play. These issues can make the healing process much more difficult in all aspects of an accident, including insurance and liability....

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4 Tips to Help You Through a Personal Injury Case

Whether you were involved in an automobile accident or slipped and fell at a local eatery or retailer, you may be able to file a personal injury claim. The claim can help pay for your medical care, which is important if you have suffered injuries that affect your quality of life. In addition, if your injuries prevent you from work and bringing in income, compensation is even more important. Of course, you may be overwhelmed by the process of filing a claim and receiving compensation from a personal injury. This guide and an attorney will help you navigate the process of...

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Should You Settle Your Personal Injury Case?

If you are injured, you might feel as if you are stuck between a rock and a hard place. How are you supposed to move forward with your case? If you have another attorney or insurance company offering to settle with you in court, you will have a lot of questions. This guide will help you determine if settling your case is the best option. Settlements Reduce Stress One of the major challenges associated with a court case is the stress that comes along with it. If your case takes days or weeks, you may be unable to work or care for...

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